Tin Star N32C (1 lb)

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Cowboy Action Shooters, you reload your own ammunition for consistent performance and absolute reliability. Cowboy Action Shooting is all about your skills, your passion for the sport and the frontier attitude of the Old West in America. You take your sport seriously and so do we. You want a powder developed specifically to breathe new life into the classic cartridges that tamed the wild western frontier. You want a powder that is accurate, clean burning and ideally suited to such venerable cartridges as the 44-40, the 45 Schofield and Colt. You want Vihtavuori Tin Star.  

Bulky, Accurate and High Quality

The primary benefit of Tin Star is its exceptionally high loading volume. This porous powder fills the case much better than most conventional smokeless propellants, providing the loading density needed for those classic black powder cartridges. Tin Star gives reliable ignition in all conditions, burns clean and leaves very little fouling or residue. It meters easily, making the task of producing high quality and uniform handloads that you can depend on just that much easier. Handloads that you can depend on, shot, after shot, after shot. Vihtavuori Tin Star delivers!

We developed Tin Star specifically for Cowboy Action Shooting, knowing that you take this sport seriously. It is a single base nitrocellulose gun powder with certain properties that are similar to Black Powder, but with none of the unfavorable characteristics associated with that propellant. Tin Star gun powder is reliable, burns cleanly and has the bulk density you want for reloading the old original Black Powder cartridges. With Tin Star, you’ll have the ammunition you need to succeed in this demanding sport. The rest is up to you

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