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Lee Safety Primer Feed Sm & Lg 90997

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Contaminating your primers with oily hands can sometimes lead to a hazardous load. The Lee Safety Prime eliminates the need to touch them at all, or at least until they are safely loaded into the brass and is a natural upgrade for an Lee press made after 2006 that feature the Lever Prime System (LPS). A simple click and a primer is fed and ready to seat. 

Fits: Lee Presses made after 2006 that have the Lever Prime System (LPS) 
Function: Upgrade the priming system 

  • Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure Riser (Item# 114-080) is required for installation and must be purchased separately. 
  • This will not fit a Classic Turret Press unless another bracket (Item# 467641) is used to mount it..

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