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DIllon BL 550 Basic Loader 15399

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Reloading with Dillon’s BL 550 is EASY

Most shooters realize that reloading is the most economical way to enjoy their sport, but many shooters are unaware of just how simple it is to reload.  In fact, Dillon’s BL 550 is one of the simplest reloading machines to learn to operate.  The BL 550 enables you to complete all of the steps in the reloading process, one step at a time, without having to change, and then re-adjust, dies for each operation like you must with an old-fashioned single-station press.  Skeptical?  Follow me through the reloading process.
  1. Place an empty cartridge case into the RL 550B’s shellplate at Station One.  Lower the operating handle.  The BL 550 will deprime and resize the case.  While the platform is in the “up” position, set a primer into the primer-seating arm.  Raise the operating handle, and push it forward to seat the primer into the case.
  2. Advance the index sprocket with your thumb and lower the operating handle.  At Station Two, pour your powder charge into the case.  Raise the operating handle and advance the index sprocket with your thumb.
  3. At Station Three, place a bullet on the powder-charged cartridge case and lower the operating handle.  This will seat the bullet into the case.  (NOTE: with some manufacturers die sets, it may crimp the bullet in place as well.)  Raise the operating handle and advance the index sprocket with your thumb.
  4. At Station Four you may use a separate crimp die (most Dillon die sets incorporate a separate crimp die to facilitate easier die adjustment) or simply advance the shellplate with your thumb and remove the loaded cartridge from the shellplate at Station One.
No Adjustments
Of all the steps in reloading, the adjustment of the reloading dies is the most critical.  With the Dillon BL 550’s removable toolhead, your dies will stay in perfect adjustment.  There’s no need to screw them in and out even when changing calibers!  The BL 550 functions perfectly with any standard 7/8” x 14 die set.  There’s less to go wrong, less to remember.

It’s Your Choice
You can struggle along with a slow, cumbersome, single-station press with all its adjustments, changes and secrets, or make your life easier with a BL 550. Our warranty is simple: If it breaks, we’ll fix it FREE for as long as you own it.

Rifle and Pistol
The Dillon BL 550 will produce match-quality ammo for over 160 different rifle and pistol calibers.

The Basics

The BL550 uses the RL550B caliber conversion kits.  You must order a caliber conversion kit separately.

The BL 550 includes: 

  • The basic Machine
  • A written instruction manual

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